Some important points about Barack Obama

Below are some important points about the life Barack Obama, Democratic candidates for 2008 US Presidential election nominations.

1) Born on 4 August, 1961 in Hawaii.
2) His mother was white women while his father was from Kenya.
3) His father was a Muslim.
4) He is also a successful writer with two bestselling books 1) Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance and The Audacity of Hope.
5) His mother married to an Indonesian student and they moved to Jakarta.
6) He has also lived in Jakarta for four years in his childhood from age 6 to 10.
7) At the age of 10, Obama returned back to US to live with his maternal grand parent.
8) He is a graduate of Columbia University and also got law degree from Harvard Law School.
9) He has worked in various fields including community service, college lecturer, lawyer and finally in public administration.
10) He is the fifth African-American senator in the American history and only present African-American senator.
11) He is a Democratic senator from Illinois.
12) He is against death penalty and also supports partial abortion.
13) He is also give emphasis on racial profiling and is in the favour of removing guns from public.
14) He has also promised to end Iraq war soon if he wins US presidential election.
15) He married in Oct, 1992 to Michelle Robinson and has two daughters.
16) Obama has also taken narcotic drugs during his early life.
17) Obama has also played basket ball during his school days.
18) Obama was visited by his biological father for only one time when he was ten year old.

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