Aishwarya School- A Bachan family Gift

People of India already know that Aishwarya is a favourite Bahu of Bachan family and Bachan family can go up to any extent to show their love for their Bahu. On 27th Jan, 2008, Amitab Bachan gave one more example in this regard by naming a school on the name of Aishwarya. This girl school which will be named after Aishwarya is also a gift to Amir Singh on his birthday from big Brother Amitab Bachan, which shows how Amir Singh is important for Bachan family. With this Bachan Family has also showed to the world that how important Bahu is Aishwarya for Bachan family.

This Higher Sceondary girl’s school will be made in Barabanki 40 Km from state capital Lucknow. Aishwarya also interacted with public said that she was earlier hesitant in accepting this award but later she accepted it due to Amitab and Bachan family’s love for her. Complete Bachan family was present on this day to celebrate the school on Aishwarya’s name. Overall, this event also looked like a political drama to launch Aishwarya in UP because number of big leaders like Mulyam Singh, Amar Singh, Farooq Abdullah were present on the stage.

This was really a great show of love or political compulsion or power of Aishwarya that Aishwarya is getting a school named after her while she is alive and young. At present, it is very difficult to say that how much girls of Barabanki will benefit from this school because people in UP are deprived of many things.

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