Pain of Chinese farmers

In most of the developing countries condition of the farmers is not well because farming is slowly becoming a non profitable business as compared to other businesses. Therefore, most of the developing countries are focusing more on industrial development and they are hardly giving an attention to the ailing condition of farmers. Condition of farmers in China is also not any better and they are also facing all many major problems of existence. Bad crops, accusation of lands and fewer returns are forcing many farmers in China to look for other jobs in manufacturing sector.

Today, manufacturing sector is big success story in China and we can easily find many towns in China which are manufacturing single products like shirt town, toys town, bedding town etc. Large numbers of these farmers have no option left with them but to work in these towns. The most disturbing fact is that these people are required to work for 13 hours a day for complete 7 days and in return they get only $120/month. Moreover, condition in construction sector is even worse and people are paid money on the yearly basis which many people even fail in getting.

All these things have increased reassessment in Chinese people and there are reports of 85000 protests by farmers last year. Mostly, very less news actually comes out of China because China completely controls the flow of information. China even has 35ooo strong internet police which has complete control on the actives of people on internet. For world, china may look like a big developing nation but actually, there are large numbers of people like poor farmers who are big sufferers in this development story.

Based on “TV Report on China” shown by Australian Network Channel

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