Popularity of Barack Obama

Barack Obama real name Barack Hussein Obama is presently one of the favorite Democratic candidates for 2008 US Presidential election nominations. Born on 4 August, 1961, in Hawaii, Obama can be the first black and African American President of US because of his wide spread popularity among the people of US. So far, he is running slightly behind other Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton (wife of former US president Bill Clinton).

Actual fate of Barack Obama’s fight for Presidential post will be clear after the Super Friday (5 Feb, 2008) when 24 states of US will hold their primary elections. In recent times, Obama has emerged as very strong leader in US and many US people want to see him as next US president. His fans are doing all kind of activities from making videos to running publicity campaign to show their love for Obama.

All over the net, we can easily find many videos and blogs totally dedicated to Barack Obama. People can easily find number of hit videos on popular video hosting websites youtube.com, myspace, yahoo etc made to show love and support for Obama. Many people believe that Obama is not much popular among the white people, however, it is not true and most of his supporters and fans include white people, though he also hold a good acceptance among the Black people.

Most of the US people, Democratic Party and Obama are trying to not give this campaign any racial colour and to some extent they are also successful in doing this. Overall, Barack Obama looks to have strong support from people of US which is making him strong candidate for next US top post.

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