Now NRI can Send money directly into a bank account in India

India has a big population of people living in different nations around the world. Every year, these NRIs send millions of dollar back home. However, despite the availability of many services for sending money back home large number of people found it hard to spend money back home. Currently people living in most of the foreign countries like US, Britan can easily send money from their bank account or credit card or paypal account to people living back home in India. I am sharing with the people an option through which they can easily send money directly into their bank account or in the bank accounts of their dear ones in India. The good news is that this process only takes two to three days and it cost nothing if people are using their bank account and sending more than $700. I am talking about; in India they have collaboration with Punjab National bank to send money. They also provide 4307 pick location for picking cash and home delivery at no extra cost in India. People sending money with the help of paypal are required to pay small fee. Over all this is a good option available in front of people for sending money back money and directly into the bank account.

Therefore Click here to send money to India with Xoom. ONLINE & CONVENIENT – LOW FEES – GUARANTEED. Send now.

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