How we are treating our martyrs in India?

On December 13, 2001, 5 terrorist belonging to terrorist organisation LeT attacked the Indian Parliament. At that time around 200 Member Parliaments including senior leaders were inside the Parliament. If these terrorists were successful in their motives then this could have great implications. However, our security personals on duty in Parliament saved the lives of these leaders and pride of India by lying down their own lives. In this battle with the terrorists 9 security personals and one parliament staff died.

After these attacks, all these people died in terrorist attack were honoured for their supreme service to nation and their families were assured with number of incentives. However, the apathy is that many of these families have not received any help assured to them by the government even after the 6 six years after the attack. Today Vimla Devi, wife of ASI Nanak Chand resorted to tears during remembering 13 December martyrs in Parliament by the parliamentarians. She told about her helplessness and sad attitude of government in not providing the assured help to her.

This is really sad to see all this happening with the families of the martyrs who have given life for India. Many similar issues also emerged after the end of Kargil war in which government failed in providing required help to the martyr’s families. All these episodes clearly show the failure of our state machinery in providing the necessary and immediate help to the families of martyrs. This kind of the episode can discourage Indian youth from joining armed forces which is already facing shortage of officers.

Picture of Vimla Devi's anger in Parliament

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