Wildlife becoming victim of Indian growth story

Today, we Indians are proudly saying that we are soon going to become a developed nation where India people will have all kind of the facilities and comforts. However, on the other hand we people have completely forgotten about our wild life. There are many parts in India where development is taking place on the cost of wildlife. Today wildlife parks and forests are only shrinking and further shrinking. Conditions have become so much alarming that many animals have no option but to enter the human pullulated areas.

Recently, a leopard was caught by the forest department of India in the Guwahati city of Assam. Similarly, in last 50 days around 5 Sambar (deer) are caught from the adjoining human populated areas of Jalandhar District in Punjab. All these things only indicate towards the shortage of forests and food for these animals. Moreover, these are not just incidences in isolation, there are large numbers of similar episodes are being reported from different parts of India. Indian population is growing at very fast speed and more numbers of people are entering into the forest areas and converting them into residential and agriculture lands.

The biggest problem in India is that both our government and people are not taking this matter seriously. If all this is allowed to happen in the same way and in the same speed then time is not far away when animals will almost become extinct from our forests. All these incidences are wake up signs before situation goes out of the control and these animals become the victim of Indian growth story.

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