Election Battle Himachal

Indian Hilly state Himachal is going to elect new assembly on 19 Dec. There are total 68 assembly seats in Himachal and out of which three tribal and upper hill constituencies had already voted on 14 Nov due to the possible chances of snow fall on 19 Dec. In Himachal, there are two main parties in election fight and they are Congress and BJP. Though, Himachal Vikas Party of Sukh Ram and BSP are also in this fight but it looks that main battle will remain between Congress and BJP.

At present, there is congress government in Himachal which won 43 seats in 2003 elections. BJP was big failure in 2003 elections and it won only 16 seats. Mostly, people believe that it is very easy to predict the outcome of elections in Himachal because elections always follow a particular pattern. In every election, mostly opposition party comes to power and therefore, this time there are very much chances that BJP will come back to power.

Elections in Himachal are not hyped like the elections in Gujarat which has become a national debate. Moreover, elections in Himachal are mainly fought on the regional and development issues with local issues playing major role in deciding voting pattern. Therefore, it becomes very difficult to predict the results of the elections. However, ground realities are indicating toward slight edge for the BJP but final results on 28 Dec will tell the actual verdict of people.

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