Art of listening

The basic problem with most of us is that we want to say and only say. If we try to calculate the percentage of people which are good listeners then it will comes out to be very less because we all have so much to say then how we can listen. Even we can say that nature has made us like this only. However, number of times, it has been confirmed in this world that art of listening can provide a great help to any person.

The other question which comes in front of us is that how we can learn this art of listening or what is it all about? Then, the answer is simple that art of listening is very simple to understand and use in life. For this we first need to understand why we all love to speak more. We all people are made of number of emotions, perceptions and self beliefs and mostly, we believe that what we think and believe is right.

Therefore, mostly we find it very difficult to listen to others. Due to this, we either stop listening (may be physically or mentally or both) to the other person or we interrupt him by giving our own point of views. We can easily see the fights for speaking more in number of group conversations. There is also reason behind this concept of speaking more because the person who speaks more is believed to have leadership qualities and having more knowledge than the others.

Therefore, with time, we all people have mastered ourselves in this art of speaking more and listening less. However, when it comes to emotions, relationships, trust and friendship then people who are good listeners have clear edge over the others. Good listeners have more successful emotional and professional relations as compared to the people who speak more. The reason is simple good listeners provide enough personal space to the other person thus creating a strong bond between each other.

We all can easily become master of this art by simply understanding that listening is also important. Moreover, we also need to avoid providing our personal solutions and fixtures to the other problems; only by listening to their problem silently we can easily help the other person by showing confidence in his abilities. We need to learn that it is better if people themselves find solutions for their problems.

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