Aishwarya's 34th birthday update

After successfully celebrating her first Karwa chauth, Aishwarya Rai/Bachan, yesterday celebrated her first birthday as Bachan bahu. This was 34th birthday of star. On 30th Nov, next day of Karwa Chauth, Aishwarya with Abhishek and Jaya Bachan left for the Agra, where Abhishek Bachan had one advertisement shooting scheduled. Aishwarya and Jaya bachan also accompanied Abhishek for enjoying the beauty of Agra and Taj. Samajwadi party leader, Amar Singh was also accompanying bachan family during their Agra visit.

On 30th Nov, Aishwarya Rai and Jaya Bachan visited the famous Tomb of Shaikh Salim Chisti and prayed for whole family. Amitab Bachan also joined the whole family on the 31 Nov. Complete bachan family celebrated the birthday of Aishwarya bachan by visiting the famous Taj Mahal. Aishwarya praised the beauty of Taj and told to media that it is very romantic to visit this place. She felt happiness to have complete Bachan family with her on her birthday but she also missed her mother and hoped she could also be present.

Amitab Bachan really enjoyed his visit to Agra and he was mostly seen taking the pictures of people and media persons. In the evening, whole family returned to the Mumbai where a late night birthday party took place in Bachan house “Jalsa”. Number of close friends of the family like Karen Johar, Rohan sippy, Anil Ambani etc visited Jalsa to wish Aishwarya on her birthday. In the last four days, Aishwarya got a good opportunity to enjoy life with her new family. Aishwarya will now again become busy because she has to complete few scenes in her much talked about movie “Jodhaa-Akbar “.

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