Shahrukh Khan turn 42 (birthday update)

Yesterday, it was the birthday of famous Indian actress Aishwarya Rai and today, it is birthday of one more famous Indian movie star. He is world famous Bollywood star Shahrukh khan. Today, Shahrukh khan turned 42 years old, his date of birth is 2 Nov, 1965. Like Aishwarya, Shahrukh also holds a great position in Indian cinema with millions of fans around the world. Shahrukh khan has achieved an undisputed top position in Indian cinema with his hard work.

Shahrukh Khan’s success holds more significance because Shahrukh established himself in the cinema world where most of the top actors are son or daughters of the famous film stars. Shahrukh Khan started his career as a TV star and then with his strong performance, he successfully migrated to the big screen. Today, Shahrukh Khan’s participation in any movie provides a guaranty for the success of movie. Due to number of great performances given by him in Indian cinema large numbers of people love Shahrukh Khan from their heart and all this is clear from the gathering of large number of people in front of the Shahrukh khan’s house “Mannat”.

Shahrukh khan also responded to the love of their fans by meeting them personally. Today, Shahrukh khan came outside his home for two times to accept the greeting of his fans and he also waved them from his balcony many times during day. Really, a great show of love by fans for their favourite star. Last year is successful for Shahruk khan with hits like Chak de India. Now Shahrukh khan will have lot of hopes from his home production movie Om Shanti Om, which is going to be released on next week.

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