Fate of animals in India

India is a country where numbers of people die due to lack of medical facilities and this trend is still prevalent even after 60 years of the independence. In this kind of atmosphere, it is even hard to imagine that animals in India will get the good treatment. All these things are exposed by the recent incident involving 75 year female elephant Arundhati. Till yesterday, Arundhati was waiting for the mercy killing granted to her by the Rajaji national park authorities.

However, Arundhati was destined to die a natural death and therefore she died yesterday late night. This whole incident has reminded us of the prevailing cruelties against the animals in our society. Arundhati provided great services to the forest department by carrying millions of tourists on her back around the Rajaji Park during her life time, but in the end, she got a painful and neglected end. The major fact in this whole discussion is that it was possible save the life of Arundhati by providing a good treatment to her, however she remained unattained by the forest department for 20 days and they might not have attended her if there was no anger shown by the animal right activities.

Some of the amazing facts which come out of this whole matter are 1) there is no full time veterinary doctor in Rajaji national park 2) India does not have any elephant specialist veterinary doctor which has large number of elephant. Already numbers of animals in India are in endangered animal list and on this if we have this kind of medical facilities for animals then it is very difficult ensure the safety of animals in India. We all can only pray to god that no more animal in India have fate like Arundhati.

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