Cost of living life in Big Cities

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Mostly people believe that it is better to live in big cities then to live in small villages and this belief further gives rise to a trend where large numbers of people living in villages migrates to big cities. This trend can be easily seen in most parts of the world, as pollution of big cities is on rise. However, very less numbers of people have time to think about the cost they are paying by living in big cities. Mostly people come to big cities because they find it very easy to get good earning opportunities in these populous cities, whereas villages fail in providing adequate earning potentials to these people. Second in cities, there is more demand for various services, thus creating more job opportunities for large number of people irrespective of their education, caste or religion, which is mostly missing in villages. However, there are number of other issues which we mostly ignore due to earning compulsions. Though big cities provide a good potential of earning to large numbers of people but simultaneously, they also deprive people of number of basic things. Some of these things are highlighted below.

1) Lack of open and hygienic housing facilities for people in big cities because large numbers of these migrated people only live in small and unhygienic conditions.
2) Scarcity of pure water and air, as most of the big cities of the world are polluted very badly.
3) High levels of noise pollutions in big cities as compared to small villages which create lot of physical and mental health problems to people in long run.
4) High congestion on roads increases chances of fatal accidences and causes problem in travelling.
5) Availability of very less time for oneself and family.
6) Very less interaction with the beauty of the nature.
7) More rate of physical and mental problems among the people living in big cities as compared to small cities.
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