Indian stock market crashing 1000 points in two days

Last two days have really remained very shocking for the Indian stock market, as within these two days stock market saw approximate 1000 points decrease. Moreover this whole situation could be much worse if market did not responded back after more than 1700 decrease within the first hour of trade on 17 Oct. However, Bombay stock market was able to recover back after the intervention of Sebi and finance minister. Even after all these assurances, Bombay Stock market further saw a dip of 717 points, making more 1000 points dip in BSE index in just two today. Most of investors will watch the today’s trade very carefully because some financial and stock market experts have even warned for further 1000 points dip in the stock market. The major reasons behind the crash in stock market are believed to be 1) Below than expect performance from the IT companies, which are struggling to maintain profits due to the decreasing price of US dollar against Indian rupee. 2) Increase in the crude oil prices in world market, which can adversely affect countries like India because India gets more than 70% of its oil requirement from outside world. Moreover, experts also believe that Stock market has over reacted in the previous days which resulted in Indian stock market crossing 19000 points, therefore now market needs corrections and probably will get stable around 17000 points. Advice of most of the experts to the people is to concentrate more on the individual portfolios and avoid investing in the stock of companies with bad profiles despite increase in price of their stocks.

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