Review Duplex scanner-Scanshell 3000DN

Digital technology revolution has clearly made our lives more simple and fast. Today, we have number of electronic gadget available with us like scanners, which are making our lives simpler. In the present world, it is very much possible for us to scan multiple files and documents with the help of scanners and then stores this useful input data for its use in near future. For multi-purpose and multi-document scanning needs people can easily get the help of duplex scanners. Duplex scanner is full of number of advance features which makes it possible for us to easily scan all the major kind of files and documents. One such advanced and portable duplex scanner available with us is Scanshell 3000DN. Available for a price of $319, this duplex scanner offer a good option to us in the comparison to other duplex scanners. Some of the major features of this duplex scanner include like

1) Scanshell 3000DN scans both sides of the documents simultaneously thus saving approximately half time on the scanning.
2) This scanner easily scans all size of documents from small ones to big ones.
3) This scanner also provides an option of scanning pdf files.
4) No external power input is required for the working of this machine.
5) It also provide high speed USB 2.0 standard interface.
6) It is extremely light weight, weighing around 475 g.
7) This machine also provides a fast scanning speed, as it scans 6 B&W pages in one minute and 3 colour pages in 3 minute.

All these features really make Scanshell 3000DN, a very useful scanning machine for variety scanning needs. This machine is compatible with the latest operating software like window vista. Overall, we can say that Scanshell 3000DN duplex scanner is one of the best scanner options available for the people in the above price band.

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