Attack on democracy hopes in Pakistan

Today was one of the worst days in the history of Pakistan which saw the dead of 165 innocent and around 450 are reported dead. This whole tragedy take place when just returned home former Prime Minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto’s convey was attacked by suicide bomber. The explosion was so strong that hundreds of people got injured in this blast.

Benazir Bhutto was lucky enough to remain unhurt in this blast, however severity of the blast clearly indicate that this blast was planted to kill her. Most of the political leaders of the Pakistan and world have severely condemned this incidence. With the return of the Bhutto in Pakistan after eight years of exile, there are lots of hopes in Pakistan about the return of the democracy.

This bomb blast has clearly conveyed the message that it will not be easy for Benazir Bhutto to get back Pakistan on the track of democracy. Moreover, this incidence has also highlighted the power of extremist groups in Pakistan, which are against any democratic government in Pakistan. Pakistan has remained one of the biggest victims of bomb blasts with large number of people losing their lives every year.

The major reason behind this deadly menace could be wide spread network of extremist groups in Pakistan. Pakistan really needs to control these extremist groups for providing full security to its people. Even these extremist groups can also pose threat to the neighbouring nations like India and world. In the present world, we all people need to encourage love and more freedom to common then killing them with bomb blasts.

Video of Attack-

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  1. Bringing Benazir Bhutto back in time to run for elections isn't necassarily going to bring 'democracy' back. Do you know why she was put in exile to begin with? Bringing a corrupt leader back into a country so they can run for power isn't called democracy. I think you should rethink your terms, and further reestablish your argument. Besides, these extremist groups have a bigger agenda than just destroying democracy. They have a hatred for her, and there's a big reason for it. But nowhere do I condone the act of terrorism and extremism. It exists in all levels both in India and Pakistan. Yes, I've been to both.

    "Even these extremist groups can also pose threat to the neighbouring nations like India and world."

    Self-interested politics? Indeed. A possible Indian native, talking about Pakistani politics.

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