Why we do not have any solution for begging problem?

Numbers of people and NGO’s in India have put their hard efforts to eradicate the problem of begging; however none of them got any permanent success. Though there are number of short term successes associated with their work but in actual, there is no net result and begging problem still remain same as before. Mostly people have the perception about the beggars that they will leave begging if they are provided with some good alternative work. However, very less of these people know these amazing facts like 1) Average beggar earns around Rs 10000 ($ 250) to Rs 15000 ($ 375) per month from begging. 2) There are number of expert beggars who pocket around Rs 25000 ($ 625) to Rs 50000 ($ 1250). 3) Today begging has become a more organised business than a mere a forced option. Now, how any person or NGO can think of providing an Rs 10000 to Rs 20000 job to these illiterate beggars, therefore the result of major anti-beggary programs is as expected, a failure. The only solution which lefts with us are to educate the society about this problem and how these beggars are earning smartly good money by playing with our emotions. On the day, people of India will stop giving money to beggars this million dollars business of begging will die and then number of these pretending beggars will look for other methods of cheating people.

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