The WestEnd Mall- A mall to watch in Ludhiana

The WestEnd Mall is really going to be one of the biggest ever malls in the Ludhiana city. This ambitious project of “The Chadha Group” has all potential of attracting large number of Ludhiana people towards it. Constructed with the approximate cost of Rs 90 crore and by Singapore architects, The WestEnd mall can really hope for good success in coming days. At present, only 20% shops are functioning and rest shops and other places are under construction. Some of the unique attraction of The WestEnd Mall is floating bridge café. The West End Mall is really a great work of architect and has lot to offer to them; therefore Ludhiana people will definitely like it. However, those people who have already visited the other big mall in cities like Delhi and Mumbai, then this mall will not be a big attraction for them.

Wave Cinemas, which is the heart of most of the other Chadha group malls, is functioning properly from 30th August. Already large numbers of people are coming here to watch movies. Wave Cinemas have great reputation of providing the best movie watching experience and comfort to the movie lovers. People can learn more about Wave Cinemas by visiting this link-Wave Cinemas in Ludhiana.

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