Mumbai rains and people suffer

Now this story is becoming very much common in the financial hub of India Mumbai. It is looking clear that Mumbai’s out dated water clearing systems are not in the state to provide relief to the Mumbai people in the rains. Today most of the Mumbai waked up to see water collected in the most parts of Mumbai. Many trains ran slow or canceled due to the water collection on the tracks.

Like every year, last year also million of rupees are spent by the Mumbai Municipal Corporation to avoid any problem to people, however, realities are much different as Mumbai become stand still with the first rain. The chances of situation becoming out of control are there if rain persists for more days.

This is one more failure for the Mumbai Municipal Corporation and Maharastra state government in providing relief to the people during the rainy season. The major problem is that situations are becoming worst with the time. Mumbai is the financial hub of India and therefore if any kind of problem comes in Mumbai then it affects the whole of India. Most of the leading companies and financial institutions have their main offices in Mumbai.

Today many companies in Mumbai are forced to close their offices due to heavy rain and water collection. This whole situation clearly highlights that India needs a lot of immediate progress in infrastructure. In the sidelines, we are also required to fight with the corruption because even after spending a huge sum of money no results came in the reality. If nothing immediately is done in this matter then situation in Mumbai could become even worse.

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