Orkut.com and dummy Profile

Orkut.com has today emerged as a big social networking website for the people across the globe. Many people find this site an attractive option of being in contract with their friends and also orkut is helping all of them by providing a common platform for the friends to be together on the net. However many mischievous elements are trying to get the advantage of this wide network for completing their hidden motives.

The biggest example of all this is dummy profiles. We can easily find huge number of dummy profiles mostly of the girls on the orkut. With the help of these profiles, they try to make as many as friends because mostly people accept the friendship request sent by a female. After making a good network, they try to influence people with various spam, offers or business proposal. Things remain cool up to the time of simple mails but few mischievous elements even try to commit further big crimes like stealing important data or information and taking money from the people.

Mostly these incidences remain undetected because it is not easy to make difference between a dummy and original profile. Second mostly these dummy profiles use the pictures of beautiful girls which create general curiosity for them. Therefore next time any beautiful girl sends you a friendship request on the Orkut then be cautious of the dummy profile because a single mistake can create large number of problems in the future.

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