Pratibha Patil in Problem

Really lot and lot of things are looking going wrong for Mrs. Pratibha Patil. Suddenly from no where new and new allegations are coming against her and most of them are big ones. Some are as serious as related to murder case against her brother and frauds of worth crores of rupees. First she was blamed for helping her brother coming out of a murder case; second her sugar company has to still pay 17 crore rupees to the government. As per the latest RBI statement, there are high level irregularities in the corporative bank with her name for which she was one of the managing directors. All these things clearly show that there is really some thing very serious with her candidature. Due to this reason, now many people coming together to put pressure on congress to withdraw her candidature. This is first time in India history that person who was nominated for President post has so many allegation against him. President post holds a lot of respect, therefore choosing any such person for this post could be a biggest mistake.

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