Gujjar Struggle- A failure of caste based politics

Currently reservation issue is created big hype in the Northern state of India like Rajasthan. Gujjar community’s struggle for the ST status is making life of many Indian states out of gears. Today this protest also reached New Delhi with capital Bandh call given by various gujjar factions. Also the chances of reaching this reservation struggle to other states of India are very much prominent with sizable number of gujjar population in other states of India.

Already many news of violent protest by the gujjar community from other states of the India have started coming in. This protest has already taken the life of few of the agitating gujjars and chances are there that situation can become more problematic in near future. Many rounds of talks between the gujjar larders and Rajasthan government are so far not able to bring any positive result. This new problem has clearly made situation more difficult for the politicians who do reservation politics? This problem has also started showing the unrest caused by the unthoughtful decisions of implementing caste based reservation in India.

The chances of early solution of this problem are much less because of the large scale protests by already in ST list Meena community because they believe that jobs and education opportunities for their community will decrease with ST status to gujjars. This is one of the major social unrest problems seen in India after the implementation of caste based reservation and in future also we can hope to see many more such incidences when other communities may take the violent means to secure reservation for their community.

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