Currently is in lot of news and many people are talking about it in India. The major reason behind it is option of earning little money with the help of mobile ads. Yes, this is first time concept of mobile ads introduced by this site in India. Now people in India can hope to earn few rupees for reading ads on their mobile phones. However still there are many people around us who are suspicious about this site and while there are many others who want to get advantage of this opportunity because of the reason of also earning from the friends referred. Therefore many people are spamming others mail boxes for making more members under them. However there are still many questions which remain unanswered like when people will see earnings in their accounts. As per the latest reports available, is not able to provide ads to its customer because they are finding difficulty in getting advertisers to this new medium of advertising. Second it is very difficult to verify the details of the all the people who join it, therefore the chances of wastage are always associated with As per their site highest earning by single person so far is Indian Rupees 49. From all this we can easily conclude that still need more time may be few years to start offering good opportunities to all the people. With the few top people involved with this site, we can hope to see some spark in this venture in near future. However at this juncture it is very difficult to predict the success or failure of this site.

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