Story of Nepali’s and their contribution to us

Today I got chance to meet an 8-9 years old Nepali boy. He was accompanying with himself two dogs. The description of boy was like a thin child who hardy has any trace of fat on his body. Due to this he was looking even younger then his age. He told me that he wants to meet his uncle who lives inside. Actually his uncle was a servant who lives inside the house. His uncle name was Krishan, name of famous Indian god of love. He was working for ten years at my landlord’s house. He basically belongs to Nepal. His wife and parents are in Nepal. However he was not alone because his brothers and relatives work in India.

This is common trend which is continuing for many years. I still remember when I was a kid; I used call mamu (an Indian name for uncle) to a Nepali servant working in our home. India has always accepted Nepali’s like own Indian people and all this is possible because of porous boundaries of India and Nepal. People from both the countries can move in and out of each country with worrying about the legal formalities. As compared to its neighbors India has grown significantly which attracts many unskilled people from neighboring countries in to India. However Nepali’s are more successful and accepted in India as compared to the people of other nations.

The main reason behind all this is similarity of culture between two nations. Nepal is a Hindu state and India is also predominately a Hindu country. The other reason besides all this is hard and sincere work of Nepali people in India. Whichever work may have been assigned to them they have always emerged trustable in it. It is very difficult to get honest, sincere and loyal workers but with Nepali’s in India there is no doubt about all this. The other major reason is their adaptability to the surrounding; they very easily adjust into different cultures and societies like they belong to them only. Today Nepali’s have become an integral part of Indian society and it is difficult to describe India without them.
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