Deep inside a man there is present hollowness

Whether the person is successful or unsuccessful, rich or poor, big or small, strong or weak, there exists a state of hollowness. Hollowness is a state, where every thing seizes to exist. In this state there is no poor or rich, no strong or weak, no successful or unsuccessful. Here everyone is same like the others but most of us never realizes this factor and go on feeding our ego with success, wealth and fortune. Then ego plays its games with us and starts controlling us. In the control of ego we lose our power to think and analyze situations. We do what our ego tells us to do. If more and more success comes to us, more we feed our ego and finally become an ego dominated personality.

All this is wrong for our families, friends and finally for society. Ego is a thing which never gets satisfied with anything and only tries to dominate more and more. Therefore we start trying to dominate our family, friends and society. This is not a fault of person because he is in the control of his ego. He has never tried to come above his ego and search for the hollowness inside him. In this hollowness everything seizes to exist. It is the state which every human attain after his death. Hollowness is the destiny of every human; no one can run from it. Moreover hollowness is a state which has nothing in it; still it has immense power to transform humans.

In hollowness there does not exist anything, however everything has evolved from it. This is the hollowness from where we have evolved and finally going back in to it. In every human being there remains hollowness deep inside. Only we need to search it. Everything is present in it; it is the creator of everything. By searching our hollowness, we can get its help in searching our destiny. The whole world has evolved from this hollowness and this hollowness has power of transforming people into Gods. However, those who claim themselves as God also have partially realized hollowness because in hollowness there does not exist anything and any state. Anyone who will realize this hollowness in true sense will never claim any thing from this world because he has lifted him self above from all worldly things.
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