Are the black days back in India?

Not really, but the few decisions of central government of India are really taking us in this direction. India is going to witness an era of caste based reservation. This is not only the question of reservation; however it has the far reaching effect on the fate of India. These decisions taken only for the shake of vote bank are going to ruin India. Few months back when government of India implemented the reservation of 27% for backward classes then nobody had thought all this would become a burning issue in India. The country which I love and for which I am ready to do anything, May suddenly starts looking an unhealthy country to live. First when these issues of reservation come into the main stream then I thought that they will not affect me. However, all this come as an eye opener for me and how an inefficient government can do blunders to save his skin. Successive Indian governments were complete failure in putting forward the causes of sufferings of common people. To justify there failures they restored to too many policies which have many deterring effect on the peoples of India and dividing our country once again. The reservation policy of government of India is also a similar tragic vote based policy, if going to be implemented will spoil the communal nature of atmosphere of India. Now we will see many talented people on the road because they belong to of an upper class and many inefficient people running our country. Definitely all this will degrade the quality and commitment of India towards a healthy and equal opportunity country. Biggest bad luck of India is shortage of good political leaders. Most of the politicians in India are either outdated or are controlled by the some force.
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