They love me for my mistakes

This world is very selfish. It is only interested in us up to time we are good to it. The time we become useless to it, it forgets us. There are many people in this world, who from outside behave that they are very good use. However from inside they are with us up to time we are giving some benefit to them. They show as they are the best well wishers of us and they are showing us the right guidelines.

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The time we stop entertaining them or we are no more helpful to them, their attitude changes dramatically towards us. They do not care for our feeling. There only aim is to earn profit from us. These types of people are there in every one life. They may be our bosses, neighbors, friends or business associates. The problem comes when we are not able to recognize these people initially and when we realize it then it was too late.

They have used us and now we are no more helpful to them. This is a really difficult time for many and sorrowful time for many. They have never expected these people to behave in this way. I have seen many people who do lot of things on the bases of these people and at the end land up in bad times. This is part of life; we have to deal with all this. However one interesting thing comes out of all this. We are able to find some of good people in this world.

These people are like gems in the pound of stones. They are always with us in all time. They are the people who guide us in difficulties. They are people who love us even when we do mistakes in life. For them we are always good whatever our condition may be. We are same for them whether we are poor or rich or successful or failure. These people are our real assets in life.
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