An old man telling me something?

Today I got the chance to listen an old man’s views. He is running a small cycle repair shop. He told me that he live in Pakistan before partition of India and Pakistan. He told me that at that time every thing is very cheap. He was able to buy almonds for three rupees. He eats 250 to 500 gm of almonds at a time. He was showing apprehensions that now the wheat floor is costing eleven rupees.

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He is telling how the new generation can be healthy if the things remain so expensive. He was cursing the government for not controlling the prices. He also told me that I must not be eating the proper food otherwise I must not be wearing the glasses. He told me that by taking the proper diet I can improve my eye sights. He also told me to boil one liter water in the evening and drink it in the morning. He told that this is very good cleanser of body and I can avoid many illnesses by doing it.

He is quite old man must be in mid eighties. The thing which amazed me about him is his quality of work. He was doing his work with full dedication. He told me also to do the same. He told me to provide the full quality to the customers otherwise there is no fun of doing all this. The fifteen minutes spent with him will always be a good lesson for me.
I always remember his advice and try to put them in my life.
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