A Cruel Reality

A Cruel Reality
Recently in Punjab a man was brutally injured by few of the affluent people of his village. He was beaten so badly that now he was fighting with death. Doctors in the PGI, Chandigarh has to cut his two arms and one leg to save his life. Still he is not out of danger. His fault was only that he was mobilizing the people against the accused of gang rape of his daughter in 2000. To suppress his voice those people have beaten and tried to kill him.

He was doing all this to get justice for his daughters. Now in this fight he is also facing death. His anger was that why for so long nothing has happened. The authorities and police were deaf for so many years. They have done nothing to solve it. He belongs to lower class of society and the people who have gang raped his daughter are from affluent families. Therefore nothing is done against them.

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He on his own decided to fight against all this. It took him six years to bring this case in to lights. Now when people have started to come in his support, these people tried to threaten him by beating him. They did not want him to be strongly stood in front of them. They have succeeded to some extent in it, as he is lying helpless in the hospital. However some people and group are coming in his support

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