Truth behind the Pictures

We all know about Palestine and know the burning situation there. I am not a freedom struggle fighter of Palestine. I have never been there once. I don not know much about the people of Palestine. Only thing which I know is that there is dispute is going on between Palestine and Israel. Palestine people want a separate land for them, therefore they are fighting freedom struggle for more than last 50 years. Many people have come and gone, still nothing has happened to it.

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Recently I received a mail with pictures regarding the Palestine. These pictures tell very bad story of Palestine. How people are suffering there. It is very wrong that even today people are suffering in this way. In one picture mother was killed in front of her small child (hardly one or two years old). What is the state of mind of this child will be, anybody cans guess. There is no surprise if he become a terrorist in later age and kills thousand of innocent peoples.
We can not accept from him to be a good person. In second picture a father and son come under the cross fire of two armies. In the other picture the son is dead and father was in great sock. What is atmosphere which is provided to these people? Now I can understand how so many people become suicide bombers there. In the atmosphere we can not accept anything else. In other picture a woman weeping in front of a pond of blood.
These pictures are like a sock to me. I have also seen the time terrorism in Punjab (India). How the life of people become scattered. A fear always remains in mind. I have seen desire in many of friends to become a terrorist. What will happen when you kill their parents, brother-sisters, relatives and friends in front of them? We are living in civilized world and can not allow all these things to happen in this world. For example if there is a wound in arm and we do not treat it, then what will happen finally we have to cut the arm.
However this is not the right way of doing it and we will only know the importance of arm once it is cut. Some may say what they have to do with it and it is the problem of people of Palestine. They should remember that in the world of terrorism nobody is safe. Even America was not able to save its world trade centers. Which country is believed to be safest country to live in?
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