How to become a successful writer-2

In my last article I discussed some of tips for becoming a successful writer. In this article also I am going to write few more tips. To become a successful writer few things are common and without them nobody can become a good writer. For becoming a good writer a person requires self-discipline and constant work habit. The other part is enjoyment of doing the creative work. Below are some of the ways of working of successful writers which can help the new writers in sharpening there skills.

1) Successful writers do not wait for inspirations to come. They simply sit with copy and pen and start writing. They write everyday even if for few minutes.
2) They do not waste their time. When they are not writing they make notes for future. Keeping a dairy for this may be a good advice for all new writers.
3) Successful writers can write at any time. They can wake up early in the morning, write in the launch breaks or can write when everyone sleeps. It is up to us when we want to write.
4) They are not disturbed by the disturbances; however they are merged deep in to their thoughts. This attribute may not true to everyone, therefore you can try to write in a place which has less disturbance. Try to not face the window while writing because it can derail your train of thoughts.
5) Successful writers work steadily. They have not achieved everything in minutes. A consistent and hard work is behind it. Arnold Bennett has said: Even mediocre talent, when combined with fixity of purpose and regular industry will, surely, result in gratifying success.
6) Ideas and inspirations for writing must come from inside like the most of successful writers.
7) There is no substitute to sitting down and writing. Human brain is like car engine, it works more when warmed up.
8) Sometime over enthusiasm make us over do things and causes writers blocks. In which no new idea comes in mind. Every writer, including many successful writers also suffers from it. The main way to coming out of it is to stop writing for little time and come back again afresh.
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