Leaving relations behind

We make many relations in our life and most of these relations are left behind with time. These are relations those we have made at different places and in different times during our life. For time, we remain in these relations then they provide help to us in many ways. They provide help in establishing our self at different location and providing us with a homely atmosphere. Without these relations we may not be able to live or start our life well. These relations include people who had helped during our life. These relations also include our neighbours, nearby shopkeepers and business associates.

When we first time go to a new city then it looks very difficult for us to adjust their initially and if this new place is situated very far away and it has different culture then it become even more difficult for us to adjust in that place. For surviving in that place we require lot of knowledge about that place and alone it is difficult for any person to attain all this knowledge. Therefore in this situation help of all these people is important. We take help from them and a relation of trust is developed between us and them. They care for us and treat us as their own one.

These relations are very important because they also help us emotionally and avoid many emotional shocks from time to time. In the different cultures the emotional or cultural shocks are very common. For a person who rarely comes out of his location, these shocks can be dangerous. Therefore these relations are very important in our life. However some people move again and again in their life and got many relations. Some relations become so strong even more than families and relatives.

Some time again in life we got chance to go back to our native home. We again go back leaving all relation behind. This place is much known to us and our all memories are associated with it. However we leave those lots of relations back and the sweet memories associated with them. Some relations remain continued with time and other submerges in the time. Though whatever we may say about these relations but these relations have played role in our lives. We are growing in society by helping each other and in return whole society grows.

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