Office Politics

We all work in some office and also got the chance to see lot of politics at work place. If we are in office then definitely we are going to be affected by it. It may be direct effect or an indirect effect. Recently I have seen a good play of politics at my work place. I am working with a Leading Pharma MNC. Company has decided to merge our division with the other division of company. Field force of both the divisions will be now merged to make a new one.

However the problem arises when number of people in both the combined division is more than the required people for new division. Company decided initially not to have any changes at the junior level. Only the people of regional manager level and above will be changed first. Now only the one person from the both divisions can hold the position above Regional manager level. Prior to it many of the people are fairly comfortable with their places and positions hold by them.

They have purchased houses for them; they have put their children in schools. They have strong controls on their jobs. They have done lot of hard work to reach up to this level. But their destiny has something different for them. Most of these people are going to be displaced from their comfort zones. Only the people who survived of this battle are those who are expert in politics at work place. They have made good personal relations with the people on higher posts.

Therefore, when comes the time of distributing the job responsibilities, then the people with good relations with the higher bosses are given better options than the others. The others who do not have the good relation are transferred to the other unhealthy divisions. Here very less consideration is given to merit or the performance. Many people who have good merits and high achievements are transferred because they do not have good personal relations with the higher authorities. Also many people failed who have lot of trust on their networking. These all happening tell us about the role of politics in the work place. How they can change the whole world around us.
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