90 Days experience as writer

I have started writing seriously only 90 days back. Earlier also I desire of becoming a good writer. However I don’t have the required confidence in me. Many times before, I have tried to write something. However unfortunately they were not up to the mark. I have born and brought up in a country where English is not spoken or written much. Only recently some improvement in this area is seen. Therefore writing in English is also a difficult option for me. However I decided to write in English with the help of my computer, which help me in writing good and correct English.

In this way I started my journey in writing. I wrote some articles with the help of my own experience. Then I tried to write some abstracts of news paper articles. I learned this idea from shvoong.com. I wrote lot of new paper abstracts. Some of my abstracts on the shvoong.com also got some visitors. This increased my confidence on my writing skills. I decided to write some thing by using my imagination, I done that and got success in it also. Then I got the chance to submit my articles to article sites.

This is also a good learning experience. As I learned lot of things from it, because they usually send lot my wrong written articles back. I improved myself lot because of them. I learned to self edit my writings. I especially want to thank ezinearticles.com. In the mean time I also started some of blogs. Currently, I have five running blogs. I am happy they are also getting some visitors. I have grown few steps as a writer. Now I enjoy it and can write on multiple topics. Currently I have more than 105 articles published on net. All these of my articles approximately are read by 500000 or more people.

I have admiration comments in favor of me and also some criticisms. I have some people who like my writing. I am happy that I am able to put some of social issues in the light of world. I am happy that I got the chance to help some of few people and I like to do it again and again. I will always remember these 90 days, as they turned my life to a new direction. Now I have a purpose in my life. I always try to make my writing to be good on other’s expectations and determined from quality writing.

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