Let’s understand Love

Let’s understand Love
What is love? To get the answer of this question is a really hard task. We many time in life go through lot of incidences which look like love to us. Some times an opposite sex person comes in our life and we starts feeling attracted towards him. This attraction may be for some time or even long for years. Some attractions are very strong and some are weak. Some are continuous and the others are in intervals. These attractions may be spontaneous and slowly build over a time.

At the same time we may have multiple attractions for different peoples. It may take years to get attracted towards some or it may be an instant reaction. Sometimes we are attracted towards the beauty and sometimes it is the simplicity of that person. All these feelings are there in everyone’s life. At some stage everyone passes through them. Some say it love attraction or for others this is only a crush. Sometimes attractions are so strong that we got compelled towards the other person. It is difficult to get the answer what is love, however below there are some points which are felt by most of lovers and by reading them you can analyze that you are in love or not.

We feel happy when we see the person towards whom we have attraction. We want to be more and more near to him. We want that he or she always remain in front of us. We want to stay with him for long. We want to talk with him. We want to listen to him. We want him happy in the all circumstances of life. That person become like a prayer to say and a way to reach near the God. We are ready to do sacrifices for him. We do not require his photograph, as only by closing our eyes we can see him. We dream about him only. Strange Madness starts taking over us, then it is a love. Therefore be careful in it, because it can give you lot of pain if it is not attained or reached to its fulfillment.

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