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If you think that HIV/AIDS is the world’s largest killer, then think again. According to the latest release of World Health Organization more people die of chronic diseases which are non communicable than the infectious diseases like HIV/AIDS. Three out of five people die due to chronic diseases.
Chronic, non infectious diseases included those caused by unhealthy lifestyle. They eventually turn in to genetic conditions. Heart disease and Diabetes, are supposed to manifest in families who, for generations, have adopted the unhealthy diet and sedentary life style. WHO also view that all sedentary life style related diseases can be reversed out. Giving up smoking, however late in life, has been known to repair and restore cells that have lost their ability to inhibit runaway cell growth, a condition that nurtures cancer. So it is never too late to quit smoking.
WHO projects that by year 2015, chronic ailments could kill more than 400 million people worldwide, almost half the population of India? HIV/AIDS has got lot of mainstream attention, at the cost of other equally deadly diseases. It is advocated repeatedly that a equitable approach for treating Heart diseases and Diabetics affecting large number of people besides polio and malaria. Nowadays people change their places rapidly. But it is found that chronic diseases are not affected by the geographic changes.

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Therefore the chronic diseases peculiar to one community are no longer restricted by geography. For example, Indian will high tendency for heart diseases and diabetics regardless of where they live in India or abroad. Life style diseases are called silent killers. Usually the warning signals like stress, over weight, overwork and lack of exercise are not taken seriously by many. India and China are more vulnerable for these diseases because of huge population, poor working conditions and sedentary life style. WHO says the problem is becoming serious, however the remedies are simple, involving change in life style and meditation. India and China have the advantage of old tradition of treating mind and body equally.
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