My first successful Article

Today I am again republishing one of my article. This is my first successful article. This article is able to generate more than 10000 visitors for me through various sites

Three Ways to Make a Woman Happy

My relations with the women are debatable issue for many in my neighborhood. I have very good relation with the all of women nearby my house. They are all go on praising me in front of others. If I request for anything, my request is met instantly. They feel free and comfortable with me. They like sharing their view and feeling with me and like to listen the same from me. Many feel surprised by this and want to know the reason behind it. The reasons are very simple. Women are the wonderful creatures of God. They are made by the God to spread happiness to mankind and that's but they are doing. They always remain ahead to fulfill this purpose. Most of the women are very innocent and strive for only small praises. Women will ever unlike praise. This is the time tested thing.

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Many people have used it and got success. We can also use it and got success. But we require to have some caution in our behaviors. Women are very strong in understanding and analyzing behaviors. This is God gift to them. They can very easily understand the motive behind your praise. If they found it to be superficial or lacking feeling, then are likely not to respond for your praise. We are require to judge our praise well and avoiding repeated praise. We should not use complex praise, which are difficult to understand. A simple and sincere one is the best. Praise should we followed with constant efforts and simple behavior.
Second thing women most like is your concern for them. They feel happy if you show concern towards them. Best way is to put your feet in to her shoe. We have to come to their level and share their feeling. They usually like to remain in their shells. They have their own fear factors.
Before showing the concern, we should we aware of them. We should not try to break them. But by respecting their personal space, we have to show the concern. Just do this and see the result, you do one thing and got rewards by ten from her side. Even by simply showing concern for health can do wonders. Show concern for things related to her. She will like it, as a special care is given to her.
One more interesting point about women is that they like to be got appreciated in front of others. They feel very proud by this gesture. They like if their work or food is got appreciated. If you want to win the heart of a lady, praise her in front of others and see the result. Her feeling towards you will change dramatically. Another approach is that you should praise her in front her friend or known ones. So that she can know it. This will also do a wander. This will indirectly make a good place for you in her heart.
Best of luck for all, for their Women.
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