In this lonely hour all that I need is you.

How truly someone has said in this lonely hour all that I need is you. There comes times in life when we are totally alone. Every one has left us and no one has time for us. In evening we are sitting alone on the tares and watching the sun set. We are alone at the tea and drinking it alone. We have some good news but no one to share with. We need a hand to hold but no one is there. We want to dance with some one but no one is to dance.

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At this moment we remember most our true friend or true lover or true life partners. Who is always present in our memories? Who is always there to support us? Who is with us in all circumstances? Who has done everything for us without a single demand from our side? Who is like a guide to us and showed us the ways in life? Who are there to give love when we need it? For some it may be his wife, for some it may be his friend, for some it may be his mother or father and for some it may be a guru or guide.

However the main thing is desire of wanting him at this position. This is the position where we want him more. We want him to come and show us the way to come out of this problem. We want him to dance with us and make us happy. We want to fight with him why he is not her at this point when we need him maximum. We say lot of wrong to him; however inside we love him and have trust on him. We know that he may come or not what he will always guide us through his prayers. We will never allow any situation to weaken us because he loves us also.
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