55 years without light

I am living in Moradabad city of India. Moradabad is a class two city of India. It is known worldwide for its brace work. It has average class all the facilities available in it. It is only 160 KM away from Delhi the capital of India. Delhi is now considered as the most advanced capitals in the world. And it is like this also. Every facility is available in Delhi. Now I am sharing with you my experience of small village near Moradabad which is just 3 KM away from Moradabad. This village people have not seen light for their whole life. The name of village is Kalanpur.

Light has been in India before independence. Within the last few years India has done a considerable improvement in electricity distribution. I know that there are some village in the state Bihar and Orissa where still there is no light. What it is a surprising experience to me that village so near to Delhi doesn’t have light for so many years. India is progressing in forward direction every new kind of facility is coming to it. It is known worldwide for its achievement in IT field. Toady in India there is everything a super mall, an IMAX theatre, and multiplex, big offices.

However these kinds of findings put a question mark on the growth of India. These developments are uneven. Some are getting all the benefits and others are suffering. The people of this village have no alternative expect to wait for the government’s response. As an Indian this is an issue of shame from me. Therefore I have decided to fight for this issue. So I request everybody may be an Indian or a foreigner should fight for the people of Kalanpur.

I request you all to forward this article to as many as people as you can. Toady the boundaries of world are becoming distinct and the desire for common world is arises. In which everyone is helping the others.

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