Thank you god for making me a coward

Thank you god for making me a coward
Yes I mean it. I am always remained a low confidence person in my whole life. Due to which I was not able to take many decisions of my life. I was always fearful about the out comes. In front of me many people have taken decisions of their life and became successful. I always curse myself for not being a confident person and not doing the jobs like others. I had lost many deals due to less confidence and many people were able make me work according to them. I know everything what due to less confidence; I was not able do anything of it.

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However recently I discovered some more truths. I discovered many people who looked confident to me and those who have taken earlier decisions are now repenting their decisions. They had taken decisions in hurry and are now in trouble. They had chosen things only to show how superior they were. Now they are stuck in those decisions and I am free. One of my friends proposed the beautiful girl which I likes and married her. I was always angry with myself that why I was not able to do it.

However I recently discover that they have a troubled marriage and are separating soon. My friend told me that the girl is only beautiful from outside but she is very proud from inside and have lot of affairs. This is one thing where I thank to God. Second of my friend is very aggressive and he misbehave with girls many time. He touches them and some time kisses them also and get away with all this many times. But recently I read in news paper that my friend is caught in the case of raping a woman. Third of my friend is an outspoken and of fighting nature. He can fight with anybody at anytime. He was not frightened by anything. He does lot of breath taking stunts with his bike. He jumps from high roof buildings.

Recently I found his photo on the TV. The reporter was saying that he has blown the bus by tying bombs with his body. He had worked as a human bomb. I am happy that I am a coward and not have the guts to perform all this activities. Due to my coward ness I am not able to marry that girl, not able to rape any girl and not become a human bomb. Living my life happily and praying for my friends.

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