Advice for new writers

I am sharing with you the some of mistakes which are done by the new writers. Many people around the world join writing carrier everyday, however unfortunately most of them leave it and very few are able to continue with it. The main reason behind the failure of most of writers is that they have not given importance to the certain basic point. English is common language and anybody who knows it can write in it. Therefore 10 out of 7 try to write in some time of their life. Every written work may not be professional. Some may simple write as a daily dairy. Therefore all these things made the writing a very competitive field and getting success in it become a difficult task. Every new writer who comes wants the results immediately and mostly got dissatisfy very early. I am sharing below some of the points below which will be highly helpful for new writers.
1) First and the main point is proficiency in the language in which you are writing. If you are not give importance to your language then the people response towards your writing will not be favorable.
2) Be having some patience. This is true with any other profession also. We can not expect immediate result from our work, especially from writing.
3) You should be able to compare the standard of your writing before expecting any result.
4) Work as self critics for your writing; compare it with the work of famous writer. Think where you are losing and try to fill the gaps.
5) Try to make a small brand image for yourself like submitting your writings to free submission site.
6) Try to mould your writing in this way that you are able to tell your feelings through writings.
7) Practice writing small articles more and more.
8) Initial success depends upon the level where you stand like your proficiency in English and earlier writing habits.
9) Do not start writing for the initial stage for earning big bucks. The competition in writing is very large and you unnecessary loss your self confidence.
10) Give your self small targets like writing 100 articles in a month. And celebrate your success.
11) Try to make your writing versatile. Initially try to cover as many topics as you can and then can shift to your favorite one.
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