Dance of Life

Many will ask; what is it? It is present in every one life. Only for seeing these dances we are requiring to change the prospective of our life. Life is full of many colors. Some times a small thing of nature can have the secrets of happiness hidden in it. However due to the busyness of life and being involved in worldly goods we do not consider about them. Many people in this world are unhappy because they are running behind the world and not enjoy the small things what they have in their hold.

Even a relationship can be a big source of happiness for us. This relation may be of with a friend, a neighbor or even an unknown can give us lot of satisfaction. Due to the mistrust, ego and wrong doings of few people, we stop trusting others. We start seeing others suspiciously. However when we are away from our dear ones, then some times we come across with lot of unknown people who help us like their own ones. It all only depends upon how we look at the world.

It depends how we look at the world, in the same way world will reflect to us. These moments presents a totally mystic experience and very few are able to experience it. These people some time help us in a way that if we are in their place then we may consider it many times. We are requiring a more open attitude towards the world to see its uniqueness and also ready to take some risks. If we open our attitude towards life then we may get a woman who love us like her son or get a sister who love like her brother and get a brother who love us like his brother.

This world has changed very rapidly in last few decades. We human beings are not ready for this fast and selfless world. Therefore we see lot of suicides, unhappy people and desire to behave in opposite way. Some have more than enough in their fold and there are some who even do not have the basic things. We are mould in a way that we are running behind the unachievable and forgetting the things which are lying unused. We can be happy by seeing a rose dancing in a wind or water playing with river edges. By changing our attitude towards life we can see this dance of life. .
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