A Strong man

This is the real story of my known person. This person lives very near to me. When I first come to this city then I meet him. In him I saw a very active 50 year old man. This man is very active as compared to his age. He is able to do lot of jobs more proficiently that a young name may not be able to do. He can repair electricity and search the faults in sever. He is a highly independent person. His primarily job is to distribute breads in the area. He wake up early in the morning and distribute the breads. This is his primary job for earning. His livelihood basically depends upon it.

For the whole life he has done this job. He has made his house only with the savings of his job. Recently to my surprise I have discovered a new finding about him that he is a heart patient. One time the doctors have told no to his family. Even the doctors at All India institute of medical sciences at Delhi had told him that he will not survive more than 3-4 days. However he has extreme confidence on himself. He left from there and come back to his city. Now ten years have passed from that episode. He is surviving on single tablet.

He is still doing all the jobs and more interestingly he spreads the breads on his cycle. From me this man is clear example of courage and self trust. Many people who just die not because of the illness but because of fear of illness. However one thing these days is making him weak. This is not his illness but the worry for his son. He has only one son. He loves him very much. His son has become major cause of concern for him. He has tried lot to make his son do some fruitful work, however his son fails him every time. His son has wasted lot of his money and even for his son he has taken loan against his house his only property, which he has made after the years of hard work.

This all things made no impact on his son. He is only busy in his day dreams and spoiling his fathers hard earned money. These all things make a human a distinctive being on whom which a medicine can not do that is done by the prayer and self trust. And the men like him are clear example of it.

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