A Major Initiative to Promote Girl Education in India

In a major initiative to promote education in girls, Indian Government has decided to provide free education from class VI to class XII to every single girl child from this financial year onward. It has been decided that the schools seeking affiliation to Central Board of Secondary Education have to waive the fee of every girl child. Similarly if there are two girls in family, then both will we entitled to concession unto 50% in all type of fee except fee of transportation and food. The university grant commission is also going to introduce this kind of provisions soon to all courses and programs. The Government would initiate talks with other examination boards and affiliating institutions for initiating similar provisions for single girl child. UGC will also launch scholarship schemes for graduate and postgraduate course.
Any girl who is single child of her parents would we entitled to scholarship Rs 500 per month (non-medical and non –engineering) and Rs 1000 per for medical and engineering graduate courses. Rs 2000 scholarship will be given for pursuing post graduation in any recognized institute of higher education. The ministry said all these schemes and scholarship are paid out from the resources of these institutes. They further added that full transparencies would we taken while deciding about the scholarship. To perpetuate the memory of Indira Gandhi and make her the inspiration, every single girl child will we said Indira Gandhi scholars and receive recognition and support through out their education.
CBSE would also give 550 scholarships based on its class XII results. This scholarship will be purely based on the merit bases and Rs 500 will be given per month for pursuing under graduate education in non-medical and non-engineering course. CBSE would also offer 500 scholarships every year -350 for engineering and 150 for medical. For pursuing these courses scholarship worth Rs 1000 will be given. The scholarship is based on the top rank achieved in the exams. The UGC would implement two post graduate scholarship schemes. The first and second rank holder of B.A, B.Sc and B.Com and first rank holders in 18 identified honour's courses of all recognized universities would be given scholarship worth Rs 2000 per month for pursuing their post graduation. Scholarships would benefit 11000 students in a year. And help them to peruse their career successfully.
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