A Great Tragedy to Kashmir

Last Saturday has seen a devastating earthquake in India and Pakistan. Pakistan is most affected by this earth quake. Specially the parts of Pakistan occupied Kashmir (POK) is worst hit. Muzafferabad the capital of POK is completely destroyed. It has only become a city of rubbles. Total numbers of people died in this earth quake are supposed to be more then 80000. In Indian Kashmir more than 1500 people are supposed to killed. This is worst tragedy for the people of this poor state.
First these people are suffering from the pain of divide for last 58 years. Half of it is controlled by the Pakistan and half is in India. Both of the countries put their claim on it. But nobody is bothered about the people of Kashmir. Only recently some initiative were taken by both India and Pakistan to reconcile the people of both Kashmir’s like by starting a bus between the both divided Kashmir’s after 58 years and offer on spot visa without passport for traveling to other part of Kashmir.
Second problem suffered by this people is terrorist activities in the state. The state is under insurgency for last 20 years. Many innocent people have died in it. Both the countries blame other for these activities. But nobody is really bothered about their welfare. This is really clear from the earth quake relief episode. Certain villages in India are near to Pakistan by point of view of reaching their and vice verse. But both the government have restrained from taking the help of others.
If the help is taken on the right time, many people may be saved from dieing. Pakistan has asked the world community for help, but not the India. India is this position and can offer faster help. Indian NGO’s are not allowed for rehabilitation work there. Why if Pakistan become so near to Kashmiris not allowed the help from Indians. People of Kashmir are more important or the fight with India. This situation is somewhat true to both India and Pakistan.
Both India and Pakistan are concerned with their strategic locations and proximity to China and not the People Kashmir. Both the parts of Kashmirs are underdeveloped, Indian part may be slightly better. Why even after 58 years and with two favoring nations, Kashmir is still in this state. Kashmir is recourse rich state. It is no way less to Switzerland. It has very large potential for tourism and industry. But the fight between two countries will never allow the development of Kashmir. Both India and Pakistan should give more emphasis to resolving the Kashmir issue and help the kashmiris in their development.
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