Does it was predictable that BJP will lose elections in Himachal Pradesh?


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Two days back, I wrote about the exit polls for the Himachal Pradesh assembly election 2022. All these exit polls predicted a tough fight in Himachal but they also predicted an edge for BJP in the state. BJP was quite confident that it will win both the elections of Himachal and Gujrat. Though BJP succeeded in Gujarat and won this election with over 150 seats, however, it was not true for Himachal Pradesh. Traditionally Himachal is a state which is known to never choose a single government consecutively. This is the record of the people of Himachal Pradesh that they have never trusted the same party for a second term. 

Now after the final counting of the elections, it looks like history has repeated itself. BJP thought that the krishma of Narendra Modi will work again in Himachal Pradesh, but the people of Himachal Pradesh were not fully satisfied with the present Jai Ram Thakur Govt in Himachal and it is a result of it that they voted it out of Himachal. From apple growers to ordinary people, they have many issues with the government that looks to have caused elections loses for BJP in Himachal. The people of Himachal were very silent about their voting which was an indication that something is going to happen. Many people may say that it is a tradition in Himachal that no government repeat itself, but actually, it is poor for the performance of governments which forces people to vote them out.

Many exit polls predicted the win of the BJP in Himachal Pradesh with a tough fight. Only a single exit poll predicted a win for Congress in Himachal. However, all the exit polls were clear on one thing the fight is very tough in the Himachal assembly election and there will be a narrow margin of winners today it has become true when we see the results of the Himachal assembly election in which Congress won Himachal elections by a narrow margin. Now people of Himachal see the new government of congress as a hope for their problems faced during the previous government.

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