Multiple Cloud bursts in Himachal Pradesh and other hilly areas what suggest

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 In recent, the news of cloud bursts in hilly areas has become very common. Yesterday, the popular tourist destination of Himachal Daramshala say another cloud burst this year and now, cloud bursts have become very common in many parts of Himachal. The recent landslides, floods and cloud bursts caused losses to property worth millions of rupees. This is a worrying sign because the number of such incidences is on rising every year and it has become common to see cars and two-wheelers floating in the flood waters. Ten days back, I wrote on the topic that how floods and landslides are creating major havoc in Himachal Pradesh. The story is not different for other hilly states of India too. 

The problem is with human greed and due to it, people are making construction in those places which are very sensitive in nature. People are making houses and shops very close to rivers or water bodies. They are also cutting hills to make space for new ventures. In this mad race for profit, people are not taking care of good practices to protect nature. People have actually become slaves to money and they want to earn at the cost of nature and their lives. People themselves either make wrong construction or because of their construction, the soil becomes weak which got washed away in a few showers of rain only leaving behind massive landslides. 

Unless people and our government will not understand the basic reasons for these problems, we will keep on hearing news of landslides and calamities in the hilly states. It is very important to understand that hills are very sensitive and they need our care and protection. But everyone wants easy and quick money, therefore, we see an increase in these wrong construction. 

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