Surprisingly real a 3 years old girl flown 100 feet above the ground by a Kite

 Many strange things happen around us and sometimes, it is hard to believe them. Earlier, I shared with you the strange behavior of a wild leopard in India where it came very close to humans. One similar incident from Taiwan came to my notice where a 3 years old girl flown into the air with the kite. This incident took place during the Taiwan international kite festival last year. However, in social media, this video has been highlighted as a video from the Gujarat kite festival that is a fake representation. Though this incident is real, it is not from Gujarat or any other part of India. This incident took place in Taiwan by accident when a three-year-old girl unintentionally came close to a big kite flying during the festival and got stuck with the ropes of a flying kite. When the kite went into the air, it also took with it 3 years old girl. The girl went up to a height of 100 feet above the ground but she was lucky enough to be saved by the people present there. Such big kites are only flown in big festivals and at home, we use much smaller kites that can't manage the weight of a child. 

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