15 Years of Blogging and still continuing

15 Years of Blogging and still continuing

 I am happy to announce that I have entered the fifteenth year of blogging. In these years, I have seen many ups and downs in blogging. I started blogging when hardly a few people are aware of it and today, it is a common secret. I came to blogging because I wanted to write something and writing a book was not an easy task for me. So I looked for blogging and started with few platforms popular 15 years back. For one and a half years, I tried a number of sites and then joined blogger.com to make a permanent blog. My experience with bloggers remains nice though with some minor bad experiences.

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I have learned a lot from blogging and still learning new things with each new blog post. Blogging is an easy option that one can start for free and can upgrade for just Rs 1000 only. It is easy to get back Rs 1000 or more with the help of blogging by adding monetization options. Some people even earn handsome earning from their blogs but it is not true for everyone. To earn a great and regular income from a blog, a person needs to put in lots of hard work. In fifteen years, I have seen many trends changing but I have found that blogging is here to stay because it provides a simple and free medium for self-expression. 

I am again trying to make a come back in blogging after some health issues. I am looking at blogging from a new perspective and will utilize my long experience to make a more charming blog for readers. One can enjoy blogging when he starts loving it and creates posts without worrying about people or money. This is my blog and it should move in my way. We can't run behind people to make things according to their desire. My blog is about things that I like and that I want to share with others. In these ways, we both get rewarded. Only investment in terms of money is Rs 1000 only that I hope to get back in a year time. I hope that 2021 will come as a good year for my blogging journey. 

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