Why Italian healthcare system failed to tackle Corona epidemic?

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After China, Italy has emerged as the biggest victim of coronavirus with more than 10000 confirmed cases of the virus in the country. The situation is so worst in the country that the whole of Italy is under lockdown to decrease the spread of coronavirus and its healthcare system has collapsed to respond to ever-increasing numbers of patients suffering from coronavirus. 

There are good chances that the number of patients suffering from coronavirus may increase in Italy and the situation can go out of control. Already, there are many protests in the country over the restrictions on common people and failing healthcare systems in the country. On the other hand, China has succeeded in reducing the new cases of coronavirus and deaths related to it. 

China worked very hard to control the virus and its results are showing now. All countries across the world including Italy need to learn lessons from China to successfully control the virus. If the situation in developed countries like Italy is so bad then what we can expect from undeveloped and highly populated countries. India also needs to learn a lesson from the experience of Italy to take appropriate action on time.

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